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Python Django Projects for beginners

Here is the list of projects you can build in Python and/or Django.

1. To Do list App
2. Library Management System
3. Controlling LED with Raspberry Pi
4. URL shortner service
5. Chat service
6. Speech to Text converter
7. Expense tracker
8. Generating password and OTP
9. Email open rate tracking system
10. Automating browser using selenium
11. Scraping emails from website
12. Scraping and analying tweets
13. Downloading all instagram images of a user
14. Currency convertor
15. Scraping news articles
16. Automated Telegram channel
17. Vehicle number plate recognition
18. Motion Detection system using Raspberry Pi
19. Basic calculator
20. Dice simulator
21. game tic tac toe
22. Text based adventure game
23. Automating daily tasks
24. Character frequency generator in a book or paragraph
25. Secret message generator using encoding and decoding.

Please comment with your project idea so that we can add it to the list.

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