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Python Django Project Idea for beginners

Here is the list of projects you can build in Python and/or Django.

- To-Do List App
- Media Player
- Library Management System
- Attendance Management System
- Employee Leave management system
- Niche website for selling specific products. This can be monetized using Amazon affiliates.
- Content management system or blog in Django just like pythoncircle.com which is developed in Django.
- Invoice generator.
- News aggregator service by scraping news from different sites.
- Website down Alert mechanism
- Controlling LED with Raspberry Pi and design morse code generator
- URL shortener service
- Chat service
- Speech to Text converter
- Expense Tracker
- Generating password and OTP
Email open rate tracking system
- Automating browser using selenium
Scraping emails from website
Scraping and analyzing tweets
Downloading all Instagram images of a user
- Currency Converter / Exchange Rate calculator
- Scraping news articles
Automated Telegram channel
- Vehicle number plate recognition
Motion Detection system using Raspberry Pi
- Basic calculator
- Dice simulator
- Tic tac toe Game 
- Text-based adventure game
- Automating daily tasks
- Character frequency generator in a book or paragraph
- Secret message generator using encoding and decoding.
- Creating a butane gas leakage detection system using Raspberry Pi

Please comment with your project idea so that we can add it to the list.

project   1   14399

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