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How to upgrade to paid account on PythonAnyWhere

When I started developing Django applications, one constant concern I had was 'which is best server for hosting Django applications?'.  I read multiple articles about hosting the Django app, hosting service providers and server providing Django support. Most of them provides support for python but very few provide support for django. I even purchased hosting space on two servers but thanks to money back guarantee scheme, my money was returned as I was not satisfied with their service. Finally I settled for PythonAnyWhere. I liked PythonAnyWhere for its simplicity. Hosting Django app on PythonAnyWhere for Free.  Although user interface of PAW is extremely simple to use, I thought of helping newbies like me in upgrading free account to paid account. Here is the list of features available in free and paid plans. $5/month Hacker plan is the best suited for developers who are looking to host their first app over the internet. pythonanywhere plans.png  

Steps to upgrade to paid account :
  • Login to your account using your username or email Id.
  • go to Account link in top right corner.
  • you will see 'upgrade/downgrade account' plans listed. we will select $5/month Hacker plan.
  • Click on 'switch now' button for $5/month Hacker plan.

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  • On pop up window click on 'sign up for this plan'.

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  • On next screen i.e. choose payment method, select credit/debit card option.

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  • Clicking the 'pay by credit/debit card' button will open a new pop up window, where your details will be collected. Enter the information and click on 'Payment Info' button.

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  • Enter you card details and click on 'setup payment $5.00' button.

Screenshot from

  • Once your payment is setup, your account will be upgraded to paid account and you can add a custom domain name for your Django app.

If you face any issue, feel free to comment here or you can ask on pythonanywhere forum. Their response time is good.

Upgrade your account today and enjoy the increased bandwidth and CPU seconds.

Create A Free Account on PythonAnyWhere.Com

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